MAd4Metal by Jacer Enterprises


Is a family run business, headquartered in beautiful Coeur D Alene, ID, USA.

Mad4Metal by Jacer Enterprises is a family run business located in Coeur d Alene, Idaho. We make custom hot rod parts, consumer products, apparel and gifts and love the fact that most of our products are made with pride, heart and soul  in our shop here in the USA.  We constantly strive to find product niches where we can bring old world craftsmanship to new world products while keeping the production local.



 offers a full range of services, independent of outsourcing, to help customers manage product development from concept through production.  Utilizing over 40 years of experience in the medical, aerospace, commercial, industrial, and retail industries providing a one stop shop for customers product development and manufacturing needs.  Key discipline areas include program management, mechanical and electrical design engineering, manufacturing and quality process engineering as well as general product development consulting services. 



was founded to serve individuals and business engaged in product development and manufacturing.  The founders, having spent several years developing relationships throughout 5 countries in Asia, discovered a niche market:  provide custom outsourcing for manufacturing businesses with low to moderate production volumes.  Asian sourcing has historically favored larger corporations producing high annual volumes.  So in 2002 with one purchase order, two computers and a telephone line, Jacer Enterprises successfully completed the engineering, outsourcing and delivery of their first program for a small start-up company in northern Idaho. 

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